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Day Program: Just Breathe

Just Breathe (October 22, 2013) Sometimes there are days that start and don’t seem to end for years. Activities that grab you as you rise and follow you into the late night hours until your head hits the pillow. Hours that pass hoping to accomplish everything that you didn’t do the day before… Our children lead the journey of the…

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Day Program: Joining Hands

Joining Hands Busy hands Moving hands All around Grooving hands Discovering hands Wandering hands Look here Pondering hands Inventing hands Creating hands Carry on Parading hands Skilled hands Strong-willed hands Days with Fulfilled hands!

Day Program: Unplugged

Unplugged September 24, 2013 Setting out on our day’s journey unplugged and tuned in. It’s one of the things about which I am particularly grateful. As we greet and develop our groove for the day program at Talking Stick, we open our eyes to the world of the arboretum. The “screen” of our natural world. We can shut down outside…

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Crafts Blog: Building, Cutting, and Sewing with Homeschoolers

Amazing Pictures of Some Peaceful Moments SEPTEMBER 27, 2012: The Thursday Day Program is a wonder to behold! Diverse activities — whether independent, paired or in a group — can be observed throughout our space. This is the first photo blog showcasing some of the crafts we create during our Day Program. Some are temporary, some are permanent, all are…

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