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Global Studies: Language all Around

Language all Around (October 17, 2013) Language represents us everywhere, even in interstellar space. Global Studies began last week with a conversation about Voyager’s Golden Record. We listened to the audio recordings of greetings from Earth in many languages and voices. The participants were delighted that the English message, “Hello from the children of planet Earth,” used the voice of a child. The…

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Global Studies: Connecting Through Language

Connecting Through Language (October 10, 2013) The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives ~ Anthony Robbins Last week Global Studies participants at Talking Stick Learning Center began a month-long study of language and how we use it to communicate with the world. In order to travel, make international friends, and eventually…

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Global Studies: Speaking out about the Government Shutdown

Speaking out about the Government Shutdown (October 3, 2013) One of the goals of Global Studies at Talking Stick is to give homeschoolers a forum where they can discuss current events with their peers. The government shutdown that began on October 1st, was the perfect current event to begin with; confusing, timely, and directly impacting our country. Although everyone had…

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Global Studies: Discovering Place Through Exploring and Art

Discovering Place Through Exploring and Art September 26, 2013 Beautiful Autumn days at Talking Stick are not to be squandered. Upon arrival last Thursday participants were given maps of Awbury Arboretum and we began plotting routes to parts of the arboretum we had not seen before. With maps in hand we headed for the Secret Garden and Haines Field, stopping…

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Global Studies: Calculating Our Position

Calculating Our Position September  19, 2013 Global Studies began last week with an introduction to the idea of Location. Where we are, where we are from, and where do we want to go? We looked at maps to answer the question of how we know where we are, and how we get where we want to go. During week two…

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Global Studies: Homeschoolers Mapping Out A New Year

Homeschoolers Mapping Out A New Year September 12, 2013 The goal of Global Studies at Talking Stick is to encourage local homeschoolers to have greater international awareness through study of other cultures and beliefs, geography, current events, art, and games. This two part process involves learning more about who we are and comparing that to what we learn about other…

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New Programs for Fall 2013

This fall, in line with our physical move back to our roots in the NW Philly homeschooling community, Talking Stick will embrace program offerings that reflect the core of our philosophy: self-directed and inter-disciplinary education. This has always been the root of all of our programming, and our 2013-2014 schedule is planned around this core philosophy. When a student is…

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Junior Model UN Blog: Homeschoolers Tackle International Negotiation

Talking Stick Learning Center’s Junior Model UN program recently spent two weeks working on caucusing and consensus building. They were divided into three groups and a mediator was chosen for a mediation simulation.

Junior Model UN Blog: Homeschoolers Becoming Citizens of the World

The first session of our Junior Model UN club for homeschoolers began this week with a several games and activities.