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The Bigger Picture: Quality Conversations

Quality Conversations One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling that has been a pleasure since my son first began to talk, are spontaneous and organic conversations. Our most significant conversations mostly take place in the car or while going for a walk. They range in topic from spiritual to scientific, from sociological to culinary. As he developed, my son was…

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Maker: On Competition

On Competition The other day a participant in the 8 to 10 year-old Maker Class asked during an activity: “Is this a competition?” Which was kind of the question I was waiting for. I had divided the group up into pairs and given them all the same challenge: to build a tower as tall as they could out of cards…

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The Bigger Picture: Oh The Insanity!

Oh The Insanity! An adult visitor to Talking Stick proclaimed the other day, “I get it. You treat the kids like adults, the same way you would treat adults.” To which I replied, “Yes. But adults in an insane asylum.” At the time one young person was pretending to be a zombie while another screamed and ran away, someone else…

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Maker: Make Something?

Make Something? Make something? Generate a product every Maker Class? The learning here at Talking Stick is supposed to be process focused and now we must deliver the goods? As it turns out having goals, working together to achieve them (and cleaning up afterwards) plus all the problem solving that entails is a great way to develop processes. So far…

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The Bigger Picture: Does Learning Have To Be Unpleasant?

Does Learning Have to be Unpleasant? At Talking Stick, we love to learn through play. But aren’t there at least some things that children have to learn that are unpleasant? The answer is that there are so many unpleasant learning experiences that happen whether we construct them or not, that we do not need to coerce young people into additional unpleasant…

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The Bigger Picture: Freedom, not License

Freedom, not License If license is doing what ever you want without ever experiencing consequences, then it is an impossibility. Our responsibilities to the world around us and other people in it, exist no matter how we behave. It is just a law of our reality. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. But we don’t always act as…

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How People Learn

How People Learn At Talking Stick, our methodology and practices are built upon the reality of how people learn, which is perversely enough incredibly individualized and vastly universal at the same time. From the perspective of human evolution, the adaptive nature of the human learning process is self-evident. We developed the ability to “learn” because it increased the individual’s chance…

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The Bigger Picture: Conflict Facilitation

How to support young people to develop effective conflict resolution skills.

The Bigger Picture: Connection Parenting

In Connection Parenting, Pam Leo points out that it takes the same amount of time and attention to meet children’s needs for connection as it does to deal with behaviors caused by their unmet needs.

The Bigger Picture: With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

Self-sufficiency. Independence. Healthy self-esteem. These are traits we parents usually want for our children when they grow up.