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Day Program: The Great Outdoors

Nature's Playground

The Great Outdoors

September 26, 2013

What an amazing outdoor space we have at Awbury! Every time I come into work the arboretum seems to appear out of nowhere like an oasis in an urban desert. The Awbury Arboretum continues to do a fantastic job transforming the Garden Classroom into a safe and malleable space for learning and play. With great outdoor and indoor spaces there seems to be a limitless amount of activities (and energy) throughout the day.

Too often these days, you hear of creative driven classes being cut from school budgets. Recess, art, and music are difficult to test for “efficiency” so their money gets allotted to subjects deemed more important. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see our young people immediately drawn toward these activities and the infinite learning opportunities they possess. I'm really looking forward to seeing our organization grow within the arboretum.

The Day Camp has been lucky this year with the weather. Beautiful day after beautiful day, and the young people don't hesitate to take advantage. A few weeks ago we went for a walk through some of the trails and allowed the children to gain a sense of the boundaries and what the arboretum had to offer. Since then we have facilitated everything from “cops and robbers” to using natural dyes from black walnuts. Although the space is open and accessible, as facilitators we make it very clear that one of us must be present in order for outdoor play. With such beautiful days of late, we don’t require too much coaxing 😉