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Homeschooling High School: Yes You Can!

“Homeschooling is okay for young kids, but high school is too important to miss.”
“My kids need to learn how to go to school in order to be successful in college.”
“How does anyone get into a good college without a high school diploma?”
“I don’t know how to teach my child [algebra/calculus/physics/etc], so s/he needs to go to high school.”

If you have questions and concerns like these, please consider joining us for an evening of discussion. Here’s a sneak preview:

YES YOU CAN get into college without a high school diploma!! In fact, homeschooling offers a unique edge to a college application that can benefit the student in a number of ways.

If you want a diploma, there are lots of ways to get one that doesn't involve going to a bricks and mortar high school.

There are many jobs, careers and life paths that do not require a college education. College attendance is in no way a requirement for a successful, happy life.

Community college is a far better place to “practice” classroom learning than high school is, and most accept students as young as 14. Community College offers many more diverse topics, better schedules, more engaged classmates, virtually no bullying or cliques, and in general, a much more respectful and engaging educational environment.

Even the most elite high schools are still grounded in practices and conditions that are not only completely non-conducive to learning, but are often harmful to a young person’s overall wellbeing and self-esteem. Standardized testing; competitive grading and ranking of students; endless memorization of soon-to-be-forgotten facts; and enforcement of a curriculum unrelated to the interests and abilities of the learner do nothing to prepare a person for college or adulthood.

A home-based, self-directed education throughout the teen years gives a young person the best possible advantage in discovering and developing their passions and interests, in building real-life skills and knowledge, and in preparing them to be self-sufficient, independent and happy adults.

Come learn more! We’ll address all the questions above plus any more you may have. There might also be some real, live grown unschoolers present for “show and tell.”

Date: Tuesday evening, May 23, 2017
Time: Doors open at 6:45pm | Talk 7-8pm | Q&A 8-9pm
Cost: $10 per adult. FREE for Talking Stick families, ELN members, and anyone under 21 years old


Since 2001 Amy’s children (then 8, 10, 13) have been directing their own lives and education. Between the three of them, they’ve experienced homeschooling, unschooling, public school, private school, alternative schooling, cyber school, internships, community college, and university. All three entered college without a traditional high school education, received scholarships and awards, had GPAs in the top 5% of their class, and graduated with degrees - two from Temple and one from Bryn Mawr. Kayla (26) now has a master’s degree from GWU and is a speech therapist for Philadelphia public schools; Nikiah (23) is enrolled at Jefferson to become a physical therapist; and Jonathan (28) is a farmer/musician/activist/nanny who considers himself working hard toward earning his Ph.D. in Unschooling.

Amy Childs is a Talking Stick board member and an affiliate member of the Eclectic Learning Network. She is the producer of The Unschooling Life Podcast and coaches clients from around the world via workshops, classes, conference calls and personal support. One of the secrets she shares with clients is NOT a secret to most unschoolers: that trusting young people is not only the most respectful way to help children grow into productive and healthy adults, but it also makes life much more relaxing and fun.