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MAKER: Block Heads


Block Heads

March 6th, 2014

I came across this blog last week and despite my shortcomings in the Spanish language, the pictures were enough to sell me on the activity. For a while now, we have been collecting old appliances and gadgets for future Maker classes. After seeing all of the different nuts, bolts, hinges, and screws used on Recilando de la Escuela, I knew it was time to break out the toolbox and dismantle some of the toasters, scales, and well....toasters. I brought in some tools from home and the majority of the children took to them quite familiarly. It was especially enjoyable for me, however, to see some of the young people realize how a specific tool was used and the empowering feeling of taking apart something by themselves. Not to mention the intrigue of seeing inside something that was once thought to be so final and concrete as to have no other uses or purposes than to make toast or weigh a letter.


Once everything was dismantled to satisfaction, we began to collect the parts that would make up the features for our Block Heads. Then by hammering, screwing, and gluing the pieces on, each child's creation began to take shape. Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster emerged from the woodwork. Two dogs and a mouse grew tails unexpectedly. Even the ones that looked like faces had blue hair and wheels to get around.


I was relieved to see so much creativity. I had decided to print out a picture of the finished works on the original blog post to capture their interest in the activity and worried that they would focus too much on replicating the pictures. Never underestimate a Talking Stick kid.