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Maker: Board Game Continuum

Board Games

Board Game Continuum

November 14, 2013

Obviously the act of creating is a huge part of what we do in Maker Class. Whether it be a paper airplane obstacle course or shoebox catapult, my goal is to provide the materials and suggest the destination. It doesn’t always turn out the way but that’s usually the best part. I am always pleasantly surprised when one of the children create an unfound approach to one of the activities, pushing the group toward new and exciting destinations.

Maker: Map

Earlier this year, Maker Class created an imaginary Island Map. The activity consisted of a huge piece of construction paper, with each child drawing a home on the class’ shared island. As they worked I posed questions regarding travel, food, supplies, etc. and stood back as they created solutions and adapted them to fit within everyone’s personal and literal boundaries. After the successful run of our map making activity, I decided to try to replicate a similar process but with a different end.

Each child was given a sheet of paper and access to a huge assortment of board game pieces. Some worked by themselves and others worked in groups of two to create their own board game with their own rules and strategies. Once everyone was finished, each child explained the rules of their game to the class and then we attached them all to form one continuous board game. It was awesome to see, how different each game was and how innovative some of the concepts were. This activity, as well as the Island Map, combined creativity and collaboration while giving each child the independence to control their individual game.