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Maker: Destruction/Creation


Week of 11/3/2014

Thanks to many generous donations from parents, in Maker this week we were able to deconstruct several appliances and electronic devices. Using a basic tool kit, we pried, pulled, screwed, and sometimes yanked apart these everyday items to see what makes them tick...and to make something else tick. This is one of my favorite activities in Maker because I enjoy seeing the young people feel empowered when they wield these tools. So on Tuesday we took apart a vaccum and its charger, a toaster, and an old radio. Inventions were made throughout the day and we were left with a box of raw materials that would eventually be used for our class on Thursday. Here are some pictures from Tuesdays class.

Once everyone arrived Thursday, I passed out wooden blocks and described the day's activities. Using the screws, loose pieces of plastic, and whatever else they could think of, they were to make a 'character' of some sort. I did this same activity last year and it turned out great. Once again the results were surprising and excellent.


Y, J, and F invented the first ever (probably) Turtle-Mech.

This is Pinocchio. M gave him a spring for a nose in case he tells a lie.

Say "Hi" to Toothless. If its tail wags side to side it means it likes you.

Vacuum Mech is truly a sight. Using two wood blocks, a pumpkin stem, and various vacuum cleaner parts, this dude stands over 14" tall.

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction."

- Pablo Picasso