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MAKER: Drawing with Light


Drawing with Light

April 7th, 2014

My sister is a high school senior and avid photography fanatic. For one of her school projects she captured these amazing shots of our cousins using sparklers to write and draw in mid-air. With the right settings, the camera was able to capture the light for several seconds and display the words or pictures they had created. It looked so cool!

I was reminded of these photos when I read about light painting earlier in the week. I already had the camera so I encouraged everyone to bring various light sources to add some variety to our "paintings."

We began the class by covering the windows with brown paper bags to make the room as dark as possible. P. then realized that the middle room between the two larger rooms would be easier to cover and most likely darker. We set to work making a "dark room" by covering the single window and duct taping the cracks in the doors. P. and I set up a little studio and soon everything was ready to go. I'll end this post here and let the pictures describe the rest.








Feel free to post any comments or questions about the camera settings or technical stuff.