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Maker: …is so Commercial so Commercial

Week of 10/25/2014

I made a video for one of my graduate classes last week and had so much fun using iMovie. Which got me to thinking that it could be put to use in our Maker Workshop as well. Often times we are making something tangible but this week we went for the intangible with an emphasis on technology.

The above video was a collaborative effort during our Tuesday class. After showing a few "memorable" commercials we discussed what made commercials memorable and what commercials were memorable to them. Then they decided to make a commercial for Talking Stick (no pressure from me, I swear). The script, story board, costumes, theme music and sound effects were all a collaborative effort and they were incredibly proud of their work. After much questioning, I had to inform them this would cost a lot of money to actually make it on TV.

Then on Thursday, the group broke into pairs and chose an item in the room to sell in their own commercial. Again, I facilitated for some groups to get started while others jumped to it. Enjoy!




  1. Adam, go into your youtube account and you have to make this video open to public. No one can see it – it’s marked “private.”