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Maker: Stop-Motion Animation


Stop-Motion Animation

January 15th, 2014

To kick off Maker class 2014, I planned on introducing a little stop-motion animation. When I was younger I was obsessed with cartoons and animation in general, but when I first saw Wallace & Gromit clips on the internet I had a new love. To replicate what I was seeing on my computer, I took my parents VHS recorder and captured 1 second clips of my Lego characters doing all sorts of things. I loved the attention to detail and the big pay off when you could finally watch what you had been creating the past couple of hours.

Thanks to technology (Hurray!) there's an app for stop-motion animation. I used a free app for iOS called iMotion HD. Through the camera on my iPhone we were able to take hundreds of pictures for one project and then view the results instantly. Katie was nice enough to supply us with some modeling clay and I stood back and watched as everybody came up with some amazing ideas. Enjoy the show(s)!

PS-You may want to enable looping on your video player for these.

Flying Elephant by M

Sticks by T

Wings by D

BOB by P

Lion and the Mouse by E

Eel by L

Attack by F