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Maker: Sublimation and Polyhedrons


Sublimation and Polyhedrons

January 29th, 2014

In all sincerity, sometimes I feel like I gain more from these Maker Class sessions than the young people do. Particularly in the area of mathematics and the sciences, where your children seem to not only be well-versed but conceptually sound as well. I am recalling one discussion brought on by Earth's electromagnetic fields and how Jupiter's core compared to ours. I'll admit I have not had much teaching experience in this country but I am consistently blown away by how intelligent these young people are.

Which takes us to the past couple activities we have been doing in Thursday's class. Two weeks ago Asha was kind enough to lend us some dry ice for the day. Personally, I had never experimented with dry ice before so I was very excited. When I dropped the ice into each child's cup, I could hear the cackling of mad scientists filling our laboratory. It was then we started to talk about what dry ice was and how this chemical reaction occurred. We all shared past experiences and knowledge of the material which led to my learning of the term sublimation. Thanks D!



The activity with dry ice was a tough act to follow but I figured a more hands on activity would be enjoyable. I originally wanted to try building with marshmallows and toothpicks but switched to a healthier alternative thanks to some advice from Katie. Using frozen carrots and peas, we constructed buildings, sculptures, and pyramids. Organically, a conversation about geometry emerged as polyhedrons were discussed and created with the materials.



It's days like these that help me appreciate how strong a learning experience can be when everyone is passionate and engaged in the activity. I know I certainly haven't forgotten what I learned during those two days. I hope these positive learning experiences stay with everyone as well.