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MAKER: Upcycling & The Ideal World


Upcycling & The Ideal World

Week of 11/10/2014

On Tuesday we did a little bit of upcycling in Maker. Thanks to generation donations from Meryl we had enough milk cartons to finally start this project I've had my eye on since last year. Using a template, scissors, a butter knife, and a carton another man's trash became your very own wallet! While the folds were difficult at first, half of our class stayed with it and ended up with these great looking accessories. Later in the week, the group split up and we fantasized a future scenario. The world was about to end in 24 hours and two spaceships were headed towards two distance planets that could inhabit human life. As they each landed, what would each group feel was necessary for a long and happy life? You might be surprised...


After finishing the wallets, F & E wanted to paint them.


S works on some domesticated cats while E shows J the flowers she planted to add some beauty to their new home.

J points out the farmland that sits surrounded by military outposts.

World of Nature is a success...but watch our for the Ice Cream Fish, they're poisonous!

With a working water-purification plant and civilian housing built throughout the treetops, their planet was shaping up just fine.