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Registration Open for Math Circle

Talking Stick's popular Math Circle will be back again this year, and registration is now open!

Math Circle 5.28.2013

Mt. Airy mathematician Rodi Steinig, our Math Circle founder and facilitator since 2011, has worked tirelessly over the summer months to prepare some amazing programs for this year, including:

  • Modular Arithmetic for age 5
  • What is a Number? for ages 6 & 7
  • The Eye of Horus for ages 8 & 9 (and 10)
  • The Nexus of Sacred Geometry and Henna for ages 11 (and 10)
  • Teen Math Circle for ages 13 and older

All programs will be based on the Math Circle model used in the Harvard-based program founded by Robert and Ellen Kaplan 18 years ago; the goal is to introduce complex mathematical concepts to young students in a way that is not only interesting, but exhilarating.

While Math Circles exist all over the country, Talking Stick's Math Circle is the first in the immediate Philadelphia area. We are particularly fortunate that Rodi, who has a M.Ed and is a Pennsylvania state certified teacher, spent a week training directly with the Kaplans, and we are very proud of the national attention she has received since launching the Talking Stick Math Circle in 2011.

Additionally, this year Rodi will welcome several visiting instructors. Artist, educator, and acupuncturist Gina Gruenberg will co-teach The Nexus of Sacred Geometry and Henna with Rodi this winter; watch this website and our newsletter for details about other visitors.

Want to learn more about the Math Circle Programs we are offering this year? Click here.

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