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Rehearsals and Revisions

Hello, everyone.

Well, we barely worked in a snack yesterday with a full schedule of rehearsal, sorting out props and costume needs, and finalizing work for the anthology.

Next week, we will have a full dress rehearsal.  Please bring all props you have agreed to bring and costumes.   I will send a props list soon for you to double-check what you are bringing.  Keep practicing your lines, ideally so that  you have them memorized by Tuesday.

For the anthology, Rhyana, Gioia, and Anna are making final revisions and edits to their pieces after meeting yesterday with me.  Rachel, Jake, and Mikaela  are emailing me their work by next Tuesday.

I think that is it.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



This is a weekly update from the Writing Workshop program for participating families. Paige will be launching a Writing Workshop blog in Fall 2012.