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Linnea deRoche

Linnea has a BA in Communication and a MS in Education. However, the majority of learning in their life has happened (you guessed it) outside the classroom. Linnea has facilitated in a variety of settings as a chef, National Park ranger, and dramaturge. They are a trained Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner and have been creating original theater with youth for many years. They also organize comprehensive workshops for LGBTQ youth, English Language Learners, unschoolers, and other radical groups of all ages. Linnea co-owns Staging Journeys, an organization that leads educational family adventures abroad.

Linnea works to create self-directed learning opportunities with a focus on social justice and playful self-inquiry. Linnea is thrilled that their family is part of the TS community. Linnea is a Trained Talking Stick Facilitator working with our Intermediate Program.