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COMPASS ART 6: Do Ghosts Have Guts?

(October 22, 2015) This session was marked, as usual, by question upon question upon question. SPIRALS >What is a spiral? >Can you construct a spiral with a compass? >Can a spiral have any straight lines in it? >How do you make a Baravelle spiral?   EUCLID REVISITED AGAIN We played around with all of these questions until interest in spirals…

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Conversations about Math

A Math Circle is, by definition, a conversation about math.   “How many points should our polygon have?” R asked G. They were playing with the dynamic geometry software Geogebra* before today’s Math Circle began. As I was setting up, I had mentioned to them that I hadn’t yet found an obvious way to insert a diameter into a circle…

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The Perfect Circle, the Perfect Rock, the Perfect Perpendicular Bisector

Interesting. Surprising. True.   “Well, we don’t want to waste erasers here in Alexandria, so this is the best method,” argued R (playing the role of Euclid), after she demonstrated how to perpendicularly bisect a line with only a ruler, a straightedge, and a piece of chalk. She faced off in debate against characters who might have different perspectives on…

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