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TAKEAWAY GAME (December 9, 2014)  We began our final session in this course with a few rounds of The Takeaway Game.  My goal was to focus attention for deep mathematical thinking, and to plant seeds of a solution strategy for The Very Clever Prince.  (We never did get time to return to the logic puzzle about the Prince; some of…

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Insuring your Soul (Math Circle Teens 3)

Insuring your Soul (Math Circle Teens 3) NOVEMBER 19, 2013 Imagine you are an adult professional gambler and have the opportunity to play the following game: “Pay $10 to roll a 5-sided die.  You win nothing if you roll a 1, 2, or 3; you get $20 for a 4 and $25 for a 5.  Should you play?” After debating…

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PROOFS #3: Irrational Numbers, Hippasus, and Visual Proofs

(April 30, 2013)  As I entered the building, L, one of my Math Circle lurkers, asked excitedly, “Are you studying The Pythagorean theorem?”  I never erase the board work at the end of class so that L (and other building users) can study and think about it throughout the week.  L does not participate in our Circle, but follows it…

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