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OPEN Q’s #6: Liar’s Dice

(May 26, 2016)  Split into 3 teams.  Each team gets 5 dice.  Roll them all, look at them, but don’t let the other team see them.  The first team makes a 2-digit bid.  The first digit of the bid is your prediction of the total number of dice of a certain value every team combined has.  The second digit is…

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Dark Bridge, Unfinished

(May 24, 2015)  It was a melancholy day – the last math circle of the year, and also (for those who attend the Day Program) the last day of Talking Stick.  As students slowly trickled in, we warmed up by attempting two of Martin Gardner’s line drawing challenges:  The Fish and The Robot.1  The task is to draw each in…

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Math Circle Blog: Signaling Problem Solution via Proof by Contradiction

Signaling Problem Solution via Proof by Contradiction December 11, 2012: We began our final session of our Signalling Problem Math Circle with a few rounds of Exploding Dots, this time in binary.  The large number of explosions in binary (base two) compared to decimal (base ten) was such fun.  I asked the group how many different numbers could be represented…

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Everything has something to do with math.   “What do pick-up sticks have to do with math?” asked one of the kids.  We were playing this attention-focusing game as people arrived for Math Circle this week. “Everything has something to do with math,” I posited. “What does a butterfly have to do with math?” countered M.  Once everyone had arrived…

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