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More Logic, More Factoring, and Sticking with Tough Problems

THE CRIMINALS OF THE WEEK (May 13, 2014) “It’s time talk about the criminals,” I announced to an exuberant group of kids who were not quite ready to settle into math circle.  The word criminals got their attention.  We tackled Smullyan’s Inspector Craig mystery puzzle #74.  I expected a huge struggle for 2 reasons: more clues to keep track of,…

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The Bigger Picture: Unconscious Communication

Unconscious Communication I’ve been wondering about the unconscious ways we adults communicate with young people and how to bring awareness to them. For example, tone of voice reflects what a person is thinking and feeling to varying degrees (whether intentional or not). One may use a sweet “patient” tone and words but the throbbing vein in the temple gives more…

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Global Studies: Getting the Message

Global Studies: Getting the Message (November 7, 2013) The ability to communicate adequately with each other is a skill most human beings take for granted. What if you couldn’t tell people what you were trying to say? What if you couldn’t write it down for them? How would it feel, and how would your message be construed? Last week homeschoolers…

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The Bigger Picture: Conflict Facilitation

How to support young people to develop effective conflict resolution skills.

The Bigger Picture: Connection Parenting

In Connection Parenting, Pam Leo points out that it takes the same amount of time and attention to meet children’s needs for connection as it does to deal with behaviors caused by their unmet needs.

Communication is Key

Key to effective educational environments is conscious communication, allowing young people to form meaningful connections from experiences.