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Mehndi, Circles, and Contemplative Mathematics

Mehndi and Circles NOTE:  This report was written by Gina Gruenberg this week, with a few mathematical notes from Rodi at the end. (January 29, 2014) Yesterday was finally the second meeting of the “ Nexus of Sacred Geometry and Henna”.  I was a bit concerned due to the frigid weather, as Henna is a cooling herb.  In the deserts…

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Math Circle Blog: Aliens, Number Systems, and Contemplative Mathematics

Aliens, Number Systems, and Contemplative Mathematics “Some alien spies have been helping our captain.  It turns out that you were right: there are enemies hiding on the field behind the house.  The captain wants to know how many.  The alien photographer comes down and takes a picture of them, gives it to her captain, who writes it down and gives…

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