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Can Crows Count?

Inspector Craig Cases/Variables (April 29, 2014) We began with Smullyan’s puzzle #72 (another Inspector Craig whodunit). Before class, I wondered whether to use his convention of calling the suspects in each case A, B, and C.  The cases are distinct, and the variables are true variables – they represent different people in each equation… I mean in each case.  I…

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Animal Voting Plan

We began this week’s math circle sitting in an ogre – not a circle, not an oval, but an ogre, as suggested by the kids. This used the math skill of mentally shifting from the concrete to the abstract.

Once situated, we played a version of the shell game aimed at increasing our attention spans and developing the Jeffersonian hand required for extended mathematical inquiry. Then we moved to our task at hand: to create a scenario that would involve land plots and voting so that we can explore the topic of our semester, “maps, voting, and counting.”