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Maker: Ornithology and the Art of Stamp-Making

Ornithology and the Art of Stamp-Making Week of 3/23/15 With Spring right around the corner (hopefully!), the Maker workshop began class on Tuesday by hunting for birds. Equipped with a camera, binoculars, and notepad, four intrepid explorers set out into the wilds of the arboretum in search of volant life. Our eyes and ears scanned the treetops, woodpiles, and telephone wires….

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Crafts Blog: Building, Cutting, and Sewing with Homeschoolers

Amazing Pictures of Some Peaceful Moments SEPTEMBER 27, 2012: The Thursday Day Program is a wonder to behold! Diverse activities — whether independent, paired or in a group — can be observed throughout our space. This is the first photo blog showcasing some of the crafts we create during our Day Program. Some are temporary, some are permanent, all are…

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