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Maker: Sculpting and Screen Printing

Sculpting and Screen Printing Week of 1/12/15 Neither the sculpting nor the “screen printing” were done in conventional ways at the Maker Workshop. Typically clay and ink are the mediums associated with these two activities but we did our best to ward off normalcy of any kind. On Tuesday, we sculpted. Using tin foil and multi-colored panels as a base, we…

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Maker: Destruction/Creation

Destruction/Creation Week of 11/3/2014 Thanks to many generous donations from parents, in Maker this week we were able to deconstruct several appliances and electronic devices. Using a basic tool kit, we pried, pulled, screwed, and sometimes yanked apart these everyday items to see what makes them tick…and to make something else tick. This is one of my favorite activities in…

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MAKER: Block Heads

Block Heads March 6th, 2014 I came across this blog last week and despite my shortcomings in the Spanish language, the pictures were enough to sell me on the activity. For a while now, we have been collecting old appliances and gadgets for future Maker classes. After seeing all of the different nuts, bolts, hinges, and screws used on Recilando de…

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