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There’s been a rare sighting of the elusive homeschooling teenager in their natural habitat! So many homeschooled youth choose the road more traveled: high school. Many cite fear of not being able to get into college with a homeschooling diploma that Mom created on Photoshop. Some are looking for academics that their parents simply cannot provide, some are seeking out…

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Rube Goldberg Workshop – Week 1

This week we started out our Rube Goldberg Workshop with a game and introductions, including what each person likes to make. Asha gave a short history of Rube Goldberg, talked about how he went to school to be an engineer, but his passion was drawing cartoons, so he followed his heart and went to work for newspapers. We discussed the…

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Maker Exploratorium: Reflecting and Planning For the New Year

Harmony Learning Community’s homeschool Maker Exploratorium had a wonderful end to 2014, filled with international intrigue, baking, collaborative games, and of course, art and making. We continue to enjoy our participation in the IEARN community (International Education and Resource Network). As part of their IEARN Global Food Challenge and in celebration of Thanksgiving week, we spent November 25th making pies….

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Maker Exploratorium Goes International

Do you know what the favorite breakfast food is for young people in Mojo, Spain?  Toast with olive oil, tomatoes, cheese, and meat. How about a  favorite lunch in Pakistan?  Beson ki roti (flat bread), Chappli Kabab (beef and spices), sweet rice, and  lassi (yogurt based drink).  Do you  know what they serve for lunch at the Syuejia Elementary School…

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Maker Exploratorium: Ideas, Inspiration, and Symbiotic Learning

Ideas, Inspiration, and Symbiotic Learning September 30 and October 7, 2014 In the Talking Stick Maker Exploratorium homeschool program, we are investigating what makes us tick. We are exploring our own learning styles, hearing about what works for others, and imagining ways to overcome potential obstacles to our project-based learning. I love the internet and am fascinated by how I…

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New Beginnings in the Maker Exploratorium

The first days of a new homeschool program at Talking Stick Learning Center are always filled with excitement and wonder. This year the Tuesday Maker Exploratorium is adding some new elements. “What maker projects will we be doing?” someone asks. “The answer to that,” I explained, “will be up to each of you.” I spent this past summer researching project-based…

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S.T.E.A.M. Maker: These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things How does a S.T.E.A.M. Maker facilitator catch up on her homeschooling blogging? By making up crazy song lyrics that coincide to photo collages, of course!  I wrote a song parody because it is fun to try new things and I had never made one before (and may never again). I picked the song…

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Day Program: Acorn Gems

Acorn Gems (October 15, 2013) We set out in the beautiful sunshine in search of gems…or acorn caps that would soon become gems. There was much excitement in the air as we began our adventure. We only needed a few acorn caps but as enthusiasm took over, the bin began to fill… Making the gems was pretty cool too…A little…

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Homeschooling, Because Science: Creativity is

Creativity is Messy A recent article in the New York Times, “It’s Not Mess, It’s Creativity” described experiments  that measured creativity differences between subjects in messy and tidy spaces. They found that test subjects in the messy room were inspired to be more creative, more likely to use divergent thinking and more attracted to novelty. The abstract concluded that participants in a…

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Day Program: Joining Hands

Joining Hands Busy hands Moving hands All around Grooving hands Discovering hands Wandering hands Look here Pondering hands Inventing hands Creating hands Carry on Parading hands Skilled hands Strong-willed hands Days with Fulfilled hands!