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A Mixed Bag

I had a very good “education”; a prestigious Quaker school, a top-rated high school, the Ivy Leagues. And then, complete alienation from mainstream education.

The Bigger Picture: Agents of Social Change

How to raise and educate our children to be agents of social change.

The Bigger Picture: Oh The Insanity!

Oh The Insanity! An adult visitor to Talking Stick proclaimed the other day, “I get it. You treat the kids like adults, the same way you would treat adults.” To which I replied, “Yes. But adults in an insane asylum.” At the time one young person was pretending to be a zombie while another screamed and ran away, someone else…

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Global Studies: Discovering Place Through Exploring and Art

Discovering Place Through Exploring and Art September 26, 2013 Beautiful Autumn days at Talking Stick are not to be squandered. Upon arrival last Thursday participants were given maps of Awbury Arboretum and we began plotting routes to parts of the arboretum we had not seen before. With maps in hand we headed for the Secret Garden and Haines Field, stopping…

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