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Exploring the Google Page Rank Algorithm

(September 14, 2017) This week we talked about the Google PageRank algorithm. I facilitated it in the same way that Dr. Emile Davie Lawrence did at the recent National Math Festival in DC. I was fortunate to be in the audience during her presentation, which was recorded and available for viewing here: In Dr. Lawrence’s session, she remarkably interacted…

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OPEN Q’S #3: Prime Numbers and Lines

(May 5, 2016)  We only had 4 kids today due to some illness going around.  I had a lot more to say about the Collatz Conjecture from last week, and the kids wanted to talk about it too.  But shouldn’t we wait until next week, when everyone who participated in this problem is back?  The kids who had something to…

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The List, My Shirt, and Taking a Break from a Problem

My instincts told me that this group was not going to get The Solution to this problem in the time allotted. Is that okay?   Falling off your chair, Pokemon figures, a shoe, 1 strand of hair, reading, anger, candy, God: this was the list of ideas and things that kids brought into Math Circle to challenge my conjecture that…

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Math Circles: Two Weeks

No one had any clue what the rule might be.   We started last week’s Math Circle with 2 rounds of “Tens Concentration.” This arithmetic game is also a mindfulness practice, focusing and sharpening attention. You could have heard a pin drop as the kids tried to remember the location of that other card that would create a sum of…

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What are the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence? What’s the difference between a sequence and a series? Is it still the Fibonacci sequence if you start with a different first number (or two)? What phenomenon in nature prompted Fibonacci to study these numbers? How is the first number in a sequence determined? What is that first number called? How do…

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