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Maker: Papercraft & Chemistry

Papercraft & Chemistry Week of 4/20/2015 Consider this an open request for ideas using Minecraft as a vessel for making and learning new things. There is so much potential within the game itself, but the way it has captivated so many young minds is truly fascinating. We have a few young Makers in our ranks that are obsessed with the…

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MAKER: Drawing with Light

Drawing with Light April 7th, 2014 My sister is a high school senior and avid photography fanatic. For one of her school projects she captured these amazing shots of our cousins using sparklers to write and draw in mid-air. With the right settings, the camera was able to capture the light for several seconds and display the words or pictures…

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MAKER: Block Heads

Block Heads March 6th, 2014 I came across this blog last week and despite my shortcomings in the Spanish language, the pictures were enough to sell me on the activity. For a while now, we have been collecting old appliances and gadgets for future Maker classes. After seeing all of the different nuts, bolts, hinges, and screws used on Recilando de…

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