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A People’s History of the United States: Columbus on Trial

This week we conducted an involved role-playing exercise created by Bill Bigelow, Zinn Education Project co-director, called “The People vs. Columbus, et al.” Following the script in the exercises, we divide the participants into 5 groups; each group represented either Columbus, Columbus’ Men, King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella, Taínos, or The System of Empire. By working hard to defend each of these groups, the hope was that each group would be examined for its complicity in this crime.

Local History Blog: A Fitting Conclusion to a Workshop of New Ideas

The second half of the Local History Workshop included digging into the history right around us and presentation of individual projects.

Local History Blog: Local History is Everywhere!

The local history workshop has plunged into the rich history surrounding us on our campus, in our neighborhoods, and in our families.