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CANTOR #3: Math is Freedom

(January 19, 2016)  “I realized as soon as we left class last week that there was a big mistake in our Venn Diagram of number types,” I said to start our session today. “Huge?” asked someone. “Enormous,” I teased.   VENN DIAGRAM REPAIR I felt like we then played “Twenty Questions” as the students narrowed and narrowed their conjectures about…

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CANTOR #2: Realen and Reellen Numbers

(January 12, 2016)  We had a small group of 3 teens today, so to start the session on an energetic note, I shamelessly presented some controversial material. I showed the students E.T. Bells’ 1937 book Men of Mathematics, a book many consider an accessible classic of math history.  I’ve relied on this book for various math circle discussions over the…

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Getting Emotional about Pi

(February 25, 2014)  Kids arrived to see some yarn and 3 different-sized cans on the table:  salt, coffee, and espresso.  I asked the kids to point out the key parts of a circle on the cans – the circumference, the area, the (invisible) center, and the rope/radius,1  and the diameter.  We hadn’t worked with diameter before, so we talked about…

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