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GARDNER #5: Life, Murder, and Box Tops

LIFE (October 21, 2014)  Last week’s boardwork was on display before the students arrived.  M, who was absent last week, was early for class today.  She saw the board and immediately asked, “Why does it say ‘die?’” “Ask them,” I told her, indicating J and L, who were also early for class.  J set the board up for Life1. Then…

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GARDNER #4: Conway’s Game of Life

(October 14, 2014) “I’d like to show you my creatures,”  I announced as everyone arrived.  I already had everyone’s rapt attention – the word “creatures” will do that.  I opened a box that seemingly contained a Go board and Go stones. “That’s a Go board,” protested J, as I unfolded the board. “No, this is the habitat of my creatures. …

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