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CANTOR #1: Let’s Say I’m a Millipede

(January 5, 2016)  “Are there more books or bookcases in this room?” This question thus began our first math circle of the new year. “Do you mean bookshelves or bookcases, not that it would make a difference?” asked W.  Everyone agreed immediately that there are more books.   ONE TO ONE CORRESPONDENCE “How could you tell without counting?” I asked….

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Math Circle: Questioning Everything (Eye of Horus 2)

MATH CIRCLE: Questioning Everything (Eye of Horus 2) EXCITEMENT AND ENTHUSIASM (September 29, 2013)  Many students arrived feeling very enthusiastic about today’s session.  Several parents had emailed me about how excited they and their kids were after the last (first) one.  K and her mom told me about their own investigations of interesting numbers they had been doing at home. …

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Math Circle Blog: Hearing What We Want to Hear

Hearing What We Want to Hear October 23, 2012: After 3 weeks of work, we finished Bertrand’s Paradox with a discussion of why it’s a paradox.  (You can get different correct answers, both theoretically and experimentally, depending upon how you define the term “random.”)  This led to debate about whether humans, or even computers, could ever truly generate randomness.  Can…

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