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Logic Session #6: The Inverser, the Contrapositive, and the Background Info

The Inverser, the Contrapositive, and the Background Info (February 19, 2013)  The kids were pretty disappointed that today was our final session.  C was even fake crying.  Unfortunately, 4 of our 9 participants were absent, which totally changed the dynamic of the group.  M wanted to solve the “All Puddings are Nice” riddle, but everyone was on edge.    D had…

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Logic Session #5: The Jabberwock and the Converser

The Jabberwock and the Converser “’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe” So begins Dodgson/Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky.  I read it aloud without introduction as the students colored their own Jabberwock puppets.  The coloring focused students’ attention, as they were, as usual, excited about the impending puppet use.  They commented on the poem: “That doesn’t…

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Math Circle: Logic Session #2: Knights, Liars, and Percy Jackson

(January 15, 2013)  As students trickled in, the kids immediately resumed debate over one of last week’s question, “What happens if an irresistible cannonball hits an immovable post?”1 The new kids, H and L, were now clued in, but the question was not resolved. Once everyone had arrived I introduced 2 puppets who came to help them with our questions: …

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