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Reducing Human Trafficking through Math

Middle-school Math Circle students use graph theory to examine the problem of human trafficking.

Data Interpretation and Analysis

(February 5, 2020) “Suppose there was an election for Official Ice Cream Flavor of the USA, and the choices were ravioli, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, mango, vanilla, and chocolate. Which voting methods could be used?” So began our class, which was filled with debate, questions, and conjectures as I posed more questions. “Suppose the country votes state by state…

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Math Circle Blog: Signaling Problem Solution via Proof by Contradiction

Signaling Problem Solution via Proof by Contradiction December 11, 2012: We began our final session of our Signalling Problem Math Circle with a few rounds of Exploding Dots, this time in binary.  The large number of explosions in binary (base two) compared to decimal (base ten) was such fun.  I asked the group how many different numbers could be represented…

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Try Again, Give Up, Go Bananas, or Eat Ice Cream

People working together to solve a problem.   This photo tells half the story of today’s Math Circle: people working together to solve a problem. The question was whether the famous “Gas Water Electricity” problem is solvable or impossible. Some students first tried to find loopholes in the problem to make it easily solvable (go through the house, get the…

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What We Did in Math Circle, and Why We Did It

It’s fine to not solve a problem.   “I’ve got it!” said X, J, M, N, A, G, and D.  Almost everyone came up to the board (excitedly and without invitation) to demonstrate a solution to the famous Konigsberg bridge problem.  “Uh, wait…  I just had it,” said X, J, M, N, A, G, and D.   Each returned to her/his…

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