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A Mixed Bag

I had a very good “education”; a prestigious Quaker school, a top-rated high school, the Ivy Leagues. And then, complete alienation from mainstream education.

S.T.E.A.M Maker: Making Time for Freedom

Making Time for Freedom September 17 and 24, 2013 Between the end of Nature, Writing, and Literature and the beginning of Maker is an hour where the young people can eat and have free time. I love this hour for so many reasons, but mostly I love to see what the young people do with it.  Some days there are wild…

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The Bigger Picture: Does Learning Have To Be Unpleasant?

Does Learning Have to be Unpleasant? At Talking Stick, we love to learn through play. But aren’t there at least some things that children have to learn that are unpleasant? The answer is that there are so many unpleasant learning experiences that happen whether we construct them or not, that we do not need to coerce young people into additional unpleasant…

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How People Learn

How People Learn At Talking Stick, our methodology and practices are built upon the reality of how people learn, which is perversely enough incredibly individualized and vastly universal at the same time. From the perspective of human evolution, the adaptive nature of the human learning process is self-evident. We developed the ability to “learn” because it increased the individual’s chance…

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