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“Waggy, Do You Eat Meat?” (Some Basic Tenets of Mathematics)

(September 20 and 27, 2018) On a particular island, every inhabitant (puppet) is either a knight, who always tells the truth, or a liar, who always lies. Which puppet is a liar? Which one a knight? You can either listen to their statements, or ask them questions. “What’s a statement?” asked A immediately. And our first session was off and…

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Logic Session #4: The Kids Take Over

The Kids Take Over (February 5, 2013)  What would you do if you were settled around the table with your students, about to engage in a civilized discussion about math history, when suddenly the students started chanting in loud rhythmic unison “Puppets!  Puppets!  Puppets!”? That’s exactly what happened in our Math Circle this week.    First, the kids introduced themselves to…

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