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Math Circle: Logic Session #1: Lounging Around

January 15, 2013 We lounged around the room, talking about math.  M and I sat on the floor, slouched against the wall while E lay on the floor.  J did the occasional unobtrusive headstand while D, V, and C sat in chairs.  I never moved from my position, not even to get up and write something else on the board. …

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Math Circle Blog: Signaling Problem Solution via Proof by Contradiction

Signaling Problem Solution via Proof by Contradiction December 11, 2012: We began our final session of our Signalling Problem Math Circle with a few rounds of Exploding Dots, this time in binary.  The large number of explosions in binary (base two) compared to decimal (base ten) was such fun.  I asked the group how many different numbers could be represented…

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Math Circle Blog: The Popcorn Problem

Geometry, arithmetic, optimization, logic, and question asking. SEPTEMBER 18, 2012: “What would it take to fill this room with popcorn?” “a big popcorn machine” “the machine running a long time” “a lot of patience” “corn, heat, oil” “a small factory” “a lot of people” At this point in this term’s first math circle, participants began to debate whether these things…

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