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Global Studies: Discovering Place Through Exploring and Art

Discovering Place Through Exploring and Art September 26, 2013 Beautiful Autumn days at Talking Stick are not to be squandered. Upon arrival last Thursday participants were given maps of Awbury Arboretum and we began plotting routes to parts of the arboretum we had not seen before. With maps in hand we headed for the Secret Garden and Haines Field, stopping…

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The Mapmakers

We had a few visitors at Math Circle today, so we started with a collective recap of our voting scenario from last week. Kids immediately started suggesting still more voting/counting methods. I reminded them that the question is whether there is a system for voting that is fair. I briefly told them about Borda Counts, which count votes in such a way.

Some kids were getting distractingly physical with some of the math manipulatives on the table, so we engaged in an attention- focusing activity: the Bobble-Head doll.