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PROVING STUFF: Mathematical Thinking with Five-Year-Olds, 3.0

CLOCK JUMPING – SELF-DOUBT, LOOKING FOR PATTERNS (April 1, 2014) Things started out smoothly enough.  The clock was taped to the floor, and the kids were ready to jump on it.  Will you land on every number if you count by four?  They did this without me, and added a new approach:  everyone started on a different number, and half…

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Squaretangles, Prisons, and Whatchamacallits

Another mathematical attempt to save the unicorn. The green tape on the rug hinted at a quadrilateral shape, but was actually composed of 4 line segments that did not meet at corners. Is it safe to say that the lines would definitely meet and form corners were they to be extended? If so, can you call this shape a square…

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