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Human Trafficking, COVID, and Graph Theory

“Aw, are we talking about human trafficking again? I don’t want to feel sad,” said F at the beginning of the session following the human-trafficking discussion. I was grateful to F since I wasn’t sure whether to continue that topic or move to something else. Thanks to his comment, I knew what to do.

Reducing Human Trafficking through Math

Middle-school Math Circle students use graph theory to examine the problem of human trafficking.

Intro to Voting Theory

(1/16/2020) Our overarching Math Circle goal is for students to invent and discover math for themselves. In this course, the plan/hope is that I’ll ask a bunch of questions and the students will invent their own voting methods before discovering what voting methods people have created throughout history. Pet of the World  “What would happen if you got to vote…

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New Math Circle Course Schedules

MATH CIRCLE COURSE DESCRIPTIONS 2018-19 Unofficial schedule Classic Math Circle Problems Dates: Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm, 9/20-10/18 (5 weeks) Suggested Ages: 5-7 Knights and Liars, open questions, story problems, pattern making and breaking, explorations of infinity, proofs, and more. We will have fun with these classic math circle activities as students develop the mathematical-thinking skills of asking questions, forming conjectures, testing conjectures,…

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How can you help children learn math?

It’s no secret that many kids say they hate math. Perhaps what they are saying is that they hate the way math is taught in the classroom. For many years now, Talking Stick Learning Center has offered a Math Circle to the local community as one of our supplementary programs. Our Math Circle has been recognized nationwide and continues to…

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Math Circle: Rational Tangles 1 and 2

So we’re two weeks into the Rational Tangles math circle. Rational Tangles is an activity within the mathematical realm of knot theory where the students tangle and untangle ropes to uncover mathematical properties. With students this age (12-13), topics such as negative numbers, geometry (rotations, reflections, transformations), strategies to test conjectures, order of operations, mathematical operations, adding and subtracting fractions, reducing,…

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Awaken Your Child’s Inner Mathematician: New Math Circles

Talking Stick Learning Center will offer 5 New Math Circle Sessions This Year Math Circle is a supplementary program at Talking Stick, led by Mt. Airy math educator Rodi Steinig. Math Circles are a form of education enrichment and outreach that bring mathematicians into direct contact with students. It is an informal setting to work on interesting problems or topics in mathematics….

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OPEN Qs #1 and 2: Graph Theory and Number Theory

(April 21 and 28)  So far, the questions I’m giving the kids to work on in Math Circle are leading them to ask very interesting questions on their own.  The bullet points below are all questions and conjectures posited by the students, not me.  The problems themselves are unanswered, or open, questions in mathematics.  I used presentations similar to those…

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CANTOR #2: Realen and Reellen Numbers

(January 12, 2016)  We had a small group of 3 teens today, so to start the session on an energetic note, I shamelessly presented some controversial material. I showed the students E.T. Bells’ 1937 book Men of Mathematics, a book many consider an accessible classic of math history.  I’ve relied on this book for various math circle discussions over the…

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CANTOR #1: Let’s Say I’m a Millipede

(January 5, 2016)  “Are there more books or bookcases in this room?” This question thus began our first math circle of the new year. “Do you mean bookshelves or bookcases, not that it would make a difference?” asked W.  Everyone agreed immediately that there are more books.   ONE TO ONE CORRESPONDENCE “How could you tell without counting?” I asked….

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