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Awaken Your Child’s Inner Mathematician: New Math Circles

Talking Stick Learning Center will offer 5 New Math Circle Sessions This Year Math Circle is a supplementary program at Talking Stick, led by Mt. Airy math educator Rodi Steinig. Math Circles are a form of education enrichment and outreach that bring mathematicians into direct contact with students. It is an informal setting to work on interesting problems or topics in mathematics….

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ESCHER #1: What is Symmetry?

(January 6, 2015)  How do you define symmetry?   This question became the crux of our first Math Circle on Escher.  Our 11-13 year-olds debated this question for well over an hour. It all started when I passed a bunch of images around: >beehives and other natural patterns, >examples of Moorish architecture, >various Escher works, and >a guy staring at his…

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Math Circle Registration Now Open!

Our Math Circle leader, Mt. Airy mathematician Rodi Steinig, published her scheduled Math Circles for the next year, and you can register for them online right away. This year, Rodi will be leading 5 different sessions, each designed for a specific age range: MARTIN GARDNER
Approximate Recommended Ages 9-11 INFINITYApproximate Recommended Ages 5-6 ESCHER AND TESSELATIONSApproximate Recommended Ages 11 and up CHROMATIC…

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Pumpkin Numbers and Math Circle Names (Eye of Horus 6)

  Pumpkin Numbers and Math Circle Names (Eye of Horus 6) OCTOBER 22, 2013 This week, we finalized our Math Circle names, explored the number theory behind some interesting numbers, did some mathematical thinking, discussed some important ideas, and then presented our own Pumpkin Numbers. NUMBER THEORY and MATHEMATICAL THINKING “Can you explain Narcissistic Numbers?” asked R, S, K, and…

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Registration Open for Math Circle

Talking Stick’s popular Math Circle will be back again this year, and registration is now open! Mt. Airy mathematician Rodi Steinig, our Math Circle founder and facilitator since 2011, has worked tirelessly over the summer months to prepare some amazing programs for this year, including: Modular Arithmetic for age 5 What is a Number? for ages 6 & 7 The…

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Math Circle Spring Registration Now Open

This spring, we’ll continue to explore the themes of truths and proofs in our Math Circles, the first in the immediate Philadelphia area.

Math Circle Blog: Navajo Code Talkers, Plato’s Cave, and Dots

Navajo Code Talkers, Plato’s Cave, and Dots Since the students have been creating their own codes in an attempt to solve our signaling problem, we began class 3 with a lively discussion of the history and cryptology of the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII.  Almost everything in this discussion was new to everyone, but V helped out by explaining what…

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Math Circle Blog: Plato, Codes, and Exploding Dots

Plato, Codes, and Exploding Dots “I must add how charming the science of arithmetic is and in how many ways it is a subtle and useful tool to achieve our purposes, if pursued in the spirit of a philosopher, and not of a shopkeeper!’” This was the last line of a dialogue my assistant R and I read at the…

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Math Circle Blog: Clarifications, Flaws, Assumptions, and Codes

Clarifications, Flaws, Assumptions, and Codes November 6, 2012: “You and your parents are in your coastal house at a time of great danger.  A person who can end the danger is in a ship.  At some point in the night, the ship’s captain hops into a rowboat and comes close enough to shore to see the upstairs windows in your…

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Math Circle Blog: Problems in Probability

Answers Usually Boil Down to How You Defined the Terms in Your Question October 2, 2012: “Death is a constant.” Or at least so claimed most of our group, after R had contributed “12 inches per foot” and G “60 seconds per minute” to our list of constants. At that point, S had argued that “60 seconds per minute” is…

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