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More Logic, More Factoring, and Sticking with Tough Problems

THE CRIMINALS OF THE WEEK (May 13, 2014) “It’s time talk about the criminals,” I announced to an exuberant group of kids who were not quite ready to settle into math circle.  The word criminals got their attention.  We tackled Smullyan’s Inspector Craig mystery puzzle #74.  I expected a huge struggle for 2 reasons: more clues to keep track of,…

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Pumpkin Numbers and Math Circle Names (Eye of Horus 6)

  Pumpkin Numbers and Math Circle Names (Eye of Horus 6) OCTOBER 22, 2013 This week, we finalized our Math Circle names, explored the number theory behind some interesting numbers, did some mathematical thinking, discussed some important ideas, and then presented our own Pumpkin Numbers. NUMBER THEORY and MATHEMATICAL THINKING “Can you explain Narcissistic Numbers?” asked R, S, K, and…

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Logic for the Very Young

Logic for the Very Young (February 26 and March 5, 2013) “One afternoon, 2 children wander into a Kingdom unknown to them ….” So began our two-week Math Circle for children aged 6-7.  This story framed an exploration of logic games, questions, and strategies.  I had lost my voice, so my assistant Rachel led the Circle while I sat quietly…

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