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Making Henna, Talking about Petes

Making Henna, Talking about Petes The story of last week’s Math Circles is best told in photos, over 50 of which you can see here. But here are a few details. In order to make up a snow day we had 2 sessions.  On the first (Monday, February 10), Gina helped me and the students mix up our own henna…

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Mehndi, Circles, and Contemplative Mathematics

Mehndi and Circles NOTE:  This report was written by Gina Gruenberg this week, with a few mathematical notes from Rodi at the end. (January 29, 2014) Yesterday was finally the second meeting of the “ Nexus of Sacred Geometry and Henna”.  I was a bit concerned due to the frigid weather, as Henna is a cooling herb.  In the deserts…

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