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Function Machines, Etc. (Eye of Horus 3)

 Function Machines, Etc. (Eye of Horus 3) (October 1, 2013) In order to imbue our Math Circle with some levity, and to get kids thinking deeply about arithmetic operations, we played Function Machines.*  On the board, I had drawn a blob-like shape, of which everyone had a different interpretation – a blob, a wave, etc…  I asked for suggested design…

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Math Circle: Eye of Horus, Session 1: More Things in Heaven and Earth

Eye of Horus, Session 1:  More Things in Heaven and Earth September 17, 2013 As kids trickled into our first day of Math Circle for eight-to-ten year olds, the group played Tens Concentration.  Silence engulfed the room during enthusiastic play until M asked whether she could ask for help from the group.  “It’s up to all of you,” I responded…

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