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New Natural Playground at Talking Stick!

What was, a couple weeks ago, a dumping spot for brush, is now being transformed into a spot for the young people to play in. It’s already a magical spot.

Day Program: Acorn Gems

Acorn Gems (October 15, 2013) We set out in the beautiful sunshine in search of gems…or acorn caps that would soon become gems. There was much excitement in the air as we began our adventure. We only needed a few acorn caps but as enthusiasm took over, the bin began to fill… Making the gems was pretty cool too…A little…

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Homeschooling, Because Science: Creativity is

Creativity is Messy A recent article in the New York Times, “It’s Not Mess, It’s Creativity” described experiments  that measured creativity differences between subjects in messy and tidy spaces. They found that test subjects in the messy room were inspired to be more creative, more likely to use divergent thinking and more attracted to novelty. The abstract concluded that participants in a…

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Homeschooling, Because Science: Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing The country that brought the world giant robots, giant moths, and little slices of raw fish on rice is now exporting another brilliant aspect of Japanese culture, Forest Bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku. There is no need to get bare or worry about public indecency charges. Forest Bathing is just the practice of being in nature, with as…

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