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Odyssey Blog: Inventions and Flexible Thinking

How do you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary? How do you team up to complete a challenge that is seemingly impossible? Today we worked on creative problem solving in groups and individually. We discovered that both situations often require us to think outside the box, to dream up new possibilities and to practice our flexible thinking.

Odyssey Blog: Gaining Perspective Through Conflict

We delved into problems this week that were rife with conflict and perfect for discussions about effective communication and better group dynamics. It is not always easy to talk about our feelings when we are upset and the young people this week really spoke honestly about the conflicts they were experiencing and offered many possible resolutions.

Odyssey Blog: Obstacles and Pasta Breed Creativity

We experiment with finding new twists to old ideas. All projects we work on foster collaboration and teamwork while breeding creativity.

Odyssey Blog: Odyssey of the Mind Begins

Our first program day of Odyssey of the Mind at Talking Stick Learning Center. We explored verbal problems, hands-on problems and spontaneous problems and learned about what our program day will look like.