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Maker: Science, Snow Days, and Spice Paints

Science, Snow Days, and Spice Paints Weeks of 2/9 & 2/16 Now that we’re in the thick of winter, it’s causing some delays, cancellations, and late Maker blogposts. I cannot control the weather but the write-ups I do apologize for. Last Tuesday, we made hovercrafts using CDs, balloons, and soda bottle caps. This was a particularly enjoyable activity for me…

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Maker: Puppetry & Pendulum Painting

Puppetry & Pendulum Painting Week of 1/19/2015 Shadow puppetry originated in China over 2000 years ago. Legend has it that one of the emperors of the Han Dynasty was mourning the death of his wife and a loyal — and creative — subject created the art to cheer him up. Tuesday’s Maker workshop aimed to recreate some of these impressive…

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Maker: Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! Week of 1/5/15 After what was a lovely and relaxing winter break I am excited for the start of a new “semester.” I have been busy planning the upcoming month’s projects for our Maker group and with the help of several generous donations, things are underway. This week we constructed catapults out of craft sticks, rubber bands, and…

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