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PARITY #5: Discovering Collaboration

(April 14, 2016)  The kids finally solved The Very Clever Prince problem.  My helper J and I put a list on the board entitles “What We Know.”  (We had never done this before.)  One student posited a conjecture which made someone else think of something.  That something made another student realize something else.  And so it went, as it has…

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PARITY #4: Kid Helpers Again, Student Ownership

(April 7, 2016) Remember my report on last week’s session, my thoughts about the nexus of pedagogy, kid behavior, and older kids helping?  This week put all those conjectures to a real test. We began with 11-year-old J facilitating a problem-solving discussion on our ongoing logic problem The Very Clever Prince.  All four kids contributed excellent conjectures that moved the…

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PARITY #3: Older Kids Helping

(March 31, 2016)  Some older kids helped to lead the circle.  At the beginning, R (age 16) sat down on the floor with them to play nim, which the kids know how to play.  She asked some open-ended questions: “How do you want to play?” “How do you want to set it up?” “Do you guys want to go first…

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PARITY #2: Exploring Equivalency with Cups

(March 24, 2016)  The kids got right to the business at hand, no introductions necessary:  NIM.  They chose teams.  The experimented with strategies.  They changed their teams (multiple times).  After about six games, some strategy emerged.  “We should have taken two,” said S at one point. FLIPPING CUPS I gave each student 4 paper cups:  three upside-down and one right-side…

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PARITY #1: NIM, Sums, and Conjectures

(March 17, 2016)  Rachel co-led this circle of 8-year-olds, and with her it began. NIM She threw 4 piles of stones onto the ground and said, “We’ll take turns removing stones from piles until there’s just one left,” she explained.  “I’m playing against the team of all of you.” “Viking chess!” said L.  “Let’s count the rocks, be tactical,” counseled…

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