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Insuring your Soul (Math Circle Teens 3)

Insuring your Soul (Math Circle Teens 3) NOVEMBER 19, 2013 Imagine you are an adult professional gambler and have the opportunity to play the following game: “Pay $10 to roll a 5-sided die.  You win nothing if you roll a 1, 2, or 3; you get $20 for a 4 and $25 for a 5.  Should you play?” After debating…

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Insuring your Bed (Teen Circle 2)

  Insuring your Bed November 12, 2013 “What is your most valuable possession?” asked Raissa Schickel, our guest instructor. “Probably my bed,” responded a student.  Raissa went on to use “bed insurance” as an example as she explained the job of an actuary.  That job is to price insurance in a way that is not discriminatory (fair), not excessive (not…

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