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ESCHER #6: Exploration

(February 24, 2015)  Our last session.  One parent asked – as everyone was walking out at the end – “Did you come to a conclusion in your math circle?”  The answer was a resounding no.  This course was more of an exploration.  We often begin a math circle course with an overarching question.  This time, we had nothing other than…

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Symmetry: The Questions (ESCHER #2)

(January 13, 2015)  For the most part, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking this week.  They tell the mathematical story of our session via the students’ work and question. We continue to wrangle over the definition/types of symmetry.  I posed 2 new questions this week: 1)  Can you get a mirror image of an object using rotation…

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GARDNER #4: Conway’s Game of Life

(October 14, 2014) “I’d like to show you my creatures,”  I announced as everyone arrived.  I already had everyone’s rapt attention – the word “creatures” will do that.  I opened a box that seemingly contained a Go board and Go stones. “That’s a Go board,” protested J, as I unfolded the board. “No, this is the habitat of my creatures. …

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